1-Day Digital SLR Photography Course

My Photography course is designed for you to get to grips with all that you camera has to offer. Do you want to get silky waters and blurred backgrounds? Are you often wondering why your images are never sharp enough? This course will teach you how to use all the settings on your camera properly and at the end you will come away with tips and techniques on how to enhance your photographs and make them stand out. All types of Digital SLRs and Bridge SLRs are suitable for this course.

On this exciting digital photography course learn how to:

Understand Shutter speeds.

Understand Aperture and depth of field.

Understand White Balance.

Understand exposure & your light meter

Understand focus points

Understand all your Cameras settings.

Understand different lenses, filters, tripods & other accessories

How to freeze action in your photographs.

you will understand the power locked into your camera in manual mode.

You will discover what the functions actually do and when it is best to use them.

You will learn the fundamentals of digital photography

You get to learn the basics of post processing with your images you took during the day  


Participants should bring:

• A Digital SLR camera, which gives the user a high degree of control over its functions. If you have a bridge or point-and-shoot compact you are also welcome, and while you may not be able to undertake all the tips and techniques covered during the day, you will learn how to become more creative with your camera
• Extra memory cards and spare batteries
• Suitable warm clothing and footwear as the course will still take place in the event of rain if venturing outdoors **
• Lunch and refreshments



Price: $375
Duration: up to 8 hours in total.
Maximum 2 students in a group.
Gift certificates available.
No age restrictions.